Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Crochet Daily: Braided headband, Rippled scarf, and Hello Kitty Scarf

So I have decided that Im going to do something like an online magazine/journal. It will be titled Crochet Daily and will represent LoveTangled. LoveTangled is my baby and im slowing but surely thinking of ways to get her recognized in the world. I will basically post pictures of things I make during the day, patterns that Im trying so hard to learn how to write or pictures of my daily inspiration. Granted it might not be everyday but I will certainly make time to post of my inspiration, the things that give me hope that LoveTangled can get far. 

First up we have the Braided Headband. This headband came to me as inspiration for a combination of headband patterns that i saw while searching the web for daily patterns. I really like how it came out, although I do have to do some tweaking ( add a stitch, subtract a stitch) Im very proud of the outcome. Take a look at it below. :)

Braided Headband

Next up is the Rippled Scarf. The rippled scarf was from daily inspiration that i just had to try. I tried it. I Love it. I will definitely make more of these.

Rippled Scarf

Last but not least is the Hello Kitty scarf. Yayyy This scarf was made back in May, sitting here waiting for someone to purchase. Unfortunately, she has not been purchased. I put some tassels on her and she is finally ready to go to whom ever wants her. And I would like to mention that this is made by Tunisian Crochet. :)

Hello Kitty Scarf

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  1. hi,could u pls upload the video for the braided scarf

    1. I don’t have a video for the braided headband.