Tuesday, June 30, 2009


How awkward is it to find a
condom in my nephews pocket??
The nigga is 14 but damn.
Then he talks about getting some weed.

Its A New Day..

Have you ever just woke up and been like i'm tired of how i'm living? Man ive done that some many times, and quite frankly im tired of saying it and nothing has changed. I've done something really stupid that stopped me from having the life that i was living. I was working and going to school and actually having some fun. I was slowly but surely getting out of my shell that i repeatedly put myself in. Then i upped and moved to BORING ASS ARIZONA where there is nothing but a Super Wal-Mart and the Sun. I thought my life here in Cali was so boring, that i needed a change of sceanary. I dont know why i thought AZ could be that place. I lasted a good 4 MONTHS before i called up my mom and told her i was coming back. I know i didnt really give it a chance and maybe it didnt help that I came back to Cali atleast 6 times out of those 4 months, for holiday's and birthdays. I missed the beach atmosphere and the funtions even though thats not my scene. I was willing to give it a chance until i went to apply for school. OH MY GOSH!! that was the worse experience of my life. Telling me it would cost $4,000 for one semester because i havent established my residency. It would take up to a year to get established.

The point of this is about me pretty much trying to change something that really didnt need to be changed in the first place. I feel as if some of my friendships/relationships have change because ive decided that my life just wasnt what i pictured. I believe if i havent moved things would be a lot easier and i wouldnt be in the predicament that im in. But i over all that now and im ready to get myself back to being comfortable. Im a very creative person, but my downfall is that im very lazy, lol honest truth. Im also to dependent on people thats not good at all. UGHHHH IM OVER IT. Im determined to get someplace in this life. Im ready to start my NEW DAY with no distractions.

Monday, June 29, 2009


So not only were the B.E.T awards mad WHACK but they totally lost my respect as a fan. I'll be honest and say i haven't really been fucking with them since like the B2k days, but last night was the final straw. The whole show was DYSFUNCTIONAL which i totally get because of the passing for M.J. Instead of them trying to throw tributes in they could have kept their original concept and did a big finale at the end. I mean that did add an extra hour so that would have only made since. Then all the nonsense with Chris Brown. Not only was i looking forward to him making a tribute to the man he looked up to, it wouldve be nice to see him do something big before his 6 months hiatus.

They did have some good moments though. The O'Jay's tribute was the shit. Im so happy my mom played that music when I was younger. I love love love the old school R&B. It has so much more meaning then the new school stuff. Oh lets not forget Ms Keri Baby!!!! I was feeling her performance up until she did that accapella bit. She should have ended when they lit the lighters. And the ending was very heartfelt. Janet is so strong for going up there and speaking on the behalf of her Fam. We all know Michael was her heart. She looked beautiful as always and i applaud her for getting up on stage. I dont know what her Pops had going on but im sure he didnt mean to promote his record company? LOL wow!!...Man what a night