Wednesday, December 18, 2013

W.I.P Wednesday Inspiration Post

Hello Lovelies,  

 Sorry for the lack of posts. There is no excuse of reason, but I come to you today with a new idea of what I can do for more posts being made.
 I do a lot of research on crocheting and knitting in order to perfect my craft. Recently, I've decided to share my knowledge of I find to you in what I call W.I.P ( Wednesday Inspiration Posts). These post will range from what tools need to be used, a tutorial here and there,  and inspiration on other crochet artist projects. I know we in the crochet world use W.I.P for work in progress,  so you may see a few post from myself with my W.I.P. The reason for these posts are to get me to post more often and use the platforms that are out there to get LoveTangled. I hope to find other ways to better LoveTangled, but for now im taking one step at a time and hopegully I can finally get this business where I want and would like it to be. xoMia