Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Addicted to Clutches !

So on one of my many boring days that I have, I decided to experiment with my many balls of yarn. I came up with a simple small clutch, that can pretty much be worn with anything. After many attempts to get the clutch perfect I finally perfected it. And i am ADDICTED to making them. They take about 4 hours to makes, because I am learning how to sew in fabric so no loose articials may fall out. I have made a total of 5 and they are all sold out. :) I couldnt be happier.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Its been awhile...

So i really dont know how many people actually read this blog, but i'm ready to change that. I have been super busy looking for work and going to school. Im actually almost done with school, with maybe two semesters left. Im real excited sbout that lol. But while I was away i HAVE NOT been crocheting, well not as much. I have been recently inspired to begin again :). I am very excited about starting on new projects and showing everyone my crocheting skills. The name InfiniteHearts Crochet is something I came up with when I lived in Arizona back in 2008. And I plan on using this name to put me out there. Its pretty much me saying I crochet with a lot of LOVE. I love LOVE so it works perfectly :)

Friday, June 4, 2010

Summer Berets

I am in the process of making some summer berets in some funky bright colors. Pretty much came up with the idea cause I know some people don't like to do their hair during the summer, especially after swimming and what not. So be on the look out for the pics and my paypal account is coming soon so that you can order.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Something New

Hey everyone,

I'm gonna start blogging on a regular basis. I'm real excited about that and cant wait to show everyone what I have been working on. I recently taught myself how to sketch with the help of the art class i'm taking at the moment. And with Art being my major I have many more things to learn in order get everything going for myself. SO be on the look out for my updates. Have a blessed and productive day..

Monday, March 29, 2010

A new direction

I made this blog to showcase my crocheting skills. But recently ive been thinking about going in another direction but still showcasing my work. I really don't know if I should put so much effort in other things or just keep going with my first concept. There are a lot of really good blogs out there and I don't wanna take away from my purpose of getting my things out there. But I also wanna keep everyone entertained with some of the latest fashion, music, art, etc. So if you have any ideas for me PLEASE let me know. I would really like the feedback.

Heavyn's Blanket

So a friend from high school is having a little girl in the next couple of weeks and she asked me to make a blanket for her. Of course I was honored to do so because blankets are kept around in a family for a very long time, so hopefully when Heavyn gets to the age when she is having kids she can pass her blanket on to her kids and tell them that I made it. Blankets are one of my favorite things to crochet. I actually will be starting an afgan for the first project of my 52 a week challenge. I just wanna thank my friend for gtiving me the opportunity to make Heavyn's blanket and I hope I continue to make many more for my other friends.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Bundles of Love

Bundles, and bundles of yarn that I wanna get rid of by the end of the year. I dont plan on buying anymore yarn until this bundle is gone. If you want anything done let me know. It will help a lot

Friday, March 12, 2010

Challenge to myself...52 projects in 52 weeks

Searching for patterns like I usually do on a daily basis, I came across a forum that introduced their memebers to a challenge to create any type of craft in 52 weeks. The purpose to get as many projects done in 52 weeks no matter how big or small. I figured this can be a good way to keep me motivated on my crocheting, and possbly gather some fans to help put my name out there. Most of you know I crochet, draw and paint so between those crafts i will complete this challenge. I'm in the middle of some projects, but those are done will start. With working and going to school I have to set up a schedule to abide by...lol we shall see how this goes...pray for me...lol

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Year, New Inspiration

Happy New Year to everyone, whoever you are. Im ready to get this year started with some new ideas. Since i have a good month before school starts, i will be updating my blog with new creations. I have seen lots of things that i would like to try on my own with patterns. Im ready to get a name for my "business" ie a trademark, business cards, tags etc. But i have to learn how to finish soemthing before working on something else lmao. I'm willing to get my ideas out there :) so i hope you guys are ready to see new things from me